House Shopping in the Winter

Burr . . . . it’s cold outside . . . . . . . House Shopping in the Winter?

Our Winter weather can be tough with extreme cold temperatures.
Many buyers choose to put off house hunting until spring when the temperatures are a little milder.
Trudging door to door to look at houses might seem like a fool’s errand.
Everyone knows spring and summer are the home buying seasons, and winter is the time when buyers and sellers cool it for a bit and take a break, Right?
While it’s true that things do slow down in the winter, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Yes , it’s cold. Yes, fewer homes are for sale. Yes, moving in a snowstorm is a pain no one should have to experience. But there are quite a few smart reasons to buy a home in the winter. Here’s Why.

1). There’s less competition
The number one reason why you should consider buying a home in the winter is there are fewer buyers!
As a buyer you want to be special, you want to walk into a house and have the owner be excited that you are there.
In the spring and summer, there is no shortage of potential buyers, meaning that in more vibrant markets you face competition.
More potential customers increase the possibility of a bidding war.

  2). Sellers are motivated
Most likely, sellers listing their houses in the depths of the winter seriously want to sell.

House Shopping in the winter

So if you don’t mind the cold weather conditions I suggest you start looking now before all the buyers in hibernation come out and become your competition.
You could be cuddling up in front of that fireplace sooner than expected. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Give me a call or e-mail me and I’d be pleased to brave the cold with you!

Rhonda Dahmer
RE/MAX associates